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English Wheel With a Rubber Band

Until I discovered folding metal with the English Wheel covered with a rubber band, skinning the bonnet was taking me ages. I was getting frustrated and even questioning whether I’d…

Making My First Handmade Bonnet

Making my first handmade bonnet hasn’t been easy. Everything has taken much longer than expected. In fact many things have taken numerous attempts. Even now, I look at it and…

Morris Minor Roof

I've not finished the bonnet but a Morris Minor Roof came up cheap, so I had to have it. This Hot Rod was getting a donor roof.

Homemade-Bonnet Frame MKII

My first attempt at a homemade bonnet frame was a disaster. Although each rib was very strong in one direction, once assembled it was hopeless. It flopped around like well…

Bespoke Bonnet

Progress on the bespoke bonnet has started very cautiously. There are several reasons for this. Although I still had the remains of the wooden buck, since it’s completion, I’ve decided…

Corsa C EPAS speed controller

Have you ever wondered what the correct inputs to the Vauxhall Corsa EPAS column should be? The column requires 12v, an rpm signal and a speed signal. But what frequencies?…

What size Master Cylinder

Sizing a Master Cylinder is a complicated process that is dependent on everything from the centre of gravity to suspension settings. It's not simply down to brake components.

DIY English Wheel

A DIY English Wheel from scrap steel tube and an old Lathe tail-stock? Surely that's not possible? - Well I thought I give it a go.

Rover V8 Plenum Chamber

Fitting the Rover V8 into a Haynes Roadster isn't going to be easy. Putting the plenuum chamber into CAD will enable me to work out the height of the engine…

Rover V8 Timing Chain Cover

The Rover V8 has been fitted with many front timing chain covers and water pumps. What is the shortest water pump and can billet aluminium pulleys be fitted?


Caterham Rear Diff Cover

This Haynes Roadster incorporates a Caterham rear differential cover for increased clearance, along with roller bearing, urethane suspension joints.

Multiple Radiator Fans

Fitting two fans, one each side of the radiator in a push pull air flow arrangement has made a dramatic improvement on cooling potential. 4000 cfm
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