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Locost Rover V8 4x4


The Build

Originally, the design was to employ 4×4 Sierra Cosworth and Rover V8 components. Since then, the design has evolved, it now has components from a much wider spectrum – Nissan Skylines, Supercharged 4.0 Jaguar AJ-V8’s, Audi A8’s, RS6’s, Porsche Cayenne, Vauxhall Corsa, Citroen BX, Mercedes SLK etc.

Some parts are hi-tech and brand new, yet others are over 80 years old.



Lotus Seven was built in 1957, the brainchild of Colin Chapman. Convinced of the advantages of small lightweight racing cars, with huge power to weight benefits, he actually referred to the Seven as something he had dreamt of designing since he was a schoolboy − a ´four wheeled motorbike´.
Seventh 7th Heaven
CAD Design

Seventh Heaven is a modern 3D CAD designed tribute – who knows one day I might even drive it!


Chris Gibb and Ron Champion have certainly started a revolution with kit car enthusiasts.

Corsa C- PM Input 1000rpm


Throughout the build many components have been thoroughly researched.

Super 7th Heaven


The Locost is all about evolution. This car takes it's own path.



Morris Minor Roof

I've not finished the bonnet but a Morris Minor Roof came up cheap, so I had to have it. This Hot Rod was getting a donor roof.

Homemade-Bonnet Frame MKII

My first attempt at a homemade bonnet frame was a disaster. Although each rib was very strong in one direction, once assembled it was hopeless. It flopped around like well…

Bespoke Bonnet

Progress on the bespoke bonnet has started very cautiously. There are several reasons for this. Although I still had the remains of the wooden buck, since it’s completion, I’ve decided…

Grille and Slam Panel

I've started my version of a 1939 Chevy grille shell. This was my first real attempt at hammer and dolly panel beating. Hopefully it will be strong.

Inner Wings

I've started the inner wings. The first job was to get the flange onto which the wing mounts done.The U-shaped bonnet slam edge is still just propped into place. To…
Corsa Electric Power Steering - EPAS

Corsa EPAS

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Ford Sierra Rear Differential 4x4

Sierra Differential

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Duratec V6 kl block

Duratec V6

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