The aim of this project, once I have built my car, is to offer a Haynes Roadster or Locost 7 style build. Eventually, you'll be able to download full 2D/3D CAD engineering drawings in a number of formats. To accompany these I'll attach full parts lists, photos and build procedures.

Originally, the design was to employ 4x4 Sierra Cosworth and Jaguar Duratec v6 components. Since then, the design has evolved, it now has components from a much wider spectrum - Nissan Skylines, Supercharged 4.0 Jaguar AJ-V8's, Audi A8's, RS6's, Porsche Cayenne, Vauxhall Corsa, Citroen BX, Mercedes SLK etc.
Some parts are hi-tech and brand new, yet others are over 50 years old.
Full bodied Locost

Over the last 25 years I have built up contacts with many local Hot Rodders, builders of Super 7's, Locost 7's and Kit Car manufacturers. The idea being to use them as guinea pigs. I want to be able to leave them with a set of drawings and return several days later to collect the parts. That way if anyone does struggle to make a particular part I'll be able to point them in the direction of someone that can.

As you can see from the pictures I haven't stuck to the traditional Low Cost 7 or Haynes Roadster style bodywork. After much analysis, trial fitments and simply trying to obtain parts such as the Sierra Rear Diff, the design evolved.

Full bodied LocostLotus Seven was built in 1957, the brainchild of Colin Chapman. Convinced of the advantages of small lightweight racing cars, with huge power to weight benefits, he actually referred to the Seven as something he had dreamt of designing since he was a schoolboy − a ´four wheeled motorbike´.

The design is now over 50 years old and has had many imitators and incarnations:

  • Caterham 7
  • Dax Rush
  • Haynes Roadster
  • MK Indy
  • Westfield
  • Robin Hood
  • Locost 7
  • Tiger 6

Locost 7 and Haynes Roadster Rebody

Seventh Heaven is a modern virtual 3D CAD Tribute - who knows one day I might even drive it!

Chris Gibb and Ron Champion have certainly started a revolution with kit car enthusiasts.

Every chassis component used on this build will be drawn up in 2D/3DCAD. To do this, a great deal of research into items and part numbers has been done. For instance, the Ford Sierra Rear differential, the MT75 gearbox and Duratec V6 have all been thoroughly researched. Information from forum sites (particularly the ford diff) was not to be relied upon, so the detail on this site comes directly from the parts' manufacturer or from personal measurements taken with micrometres. This site has some of the most accurate Sierra Diff information on the web!

Different components were analysed against alternatives, such as Cortina Uprights vs Sierra Uprights. They were also compared with the ideal.
Locost Suspension design and analysis.

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