37 Chevy Pick-up

Check out the Brother In Laws 37 Chevy Pickup

He’s won tons of trophies for his bodyworking!


Well worth a look. He’s hand rolling a new custom body for this barn find.

Plenty of English wheel action going into this baby.

When it’s finished this 4.0 Lexus V8 Hot Rod is going to be stunning!

Even if your not into Hot Rods, the quality of workmanship will just leave you slack jawed. This is not so much a restoration but a completely new body made from sheets of flat steel. Virtually nothing of what you see above will remain. Incredible!

The bodyworking is ‘old-school’ style by someone that’s done everything from show winning classics, to custom and kit cars, including 1929 Model A’s, Cobras & Cosworth powered MGBs.

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