Anti Squat Rear Suspension

Making & welding the rear suspension brackets has been slow.

What is Anti Squat Rear Suspension all about?

When you plant the pedal at the lights or accelerate out of a bend, weight is transferred to the rear of the car. The front wheels lift and loose traction and the rear squats down.

To limit this, many cars incorporate a few degrees of ‘anti-squat geometry’. In the above shot, it can be seen that the rear suspension mounts taper towards the front of the car. These angles were carefully calculated. Worryingly, until I drive the car, I can’t tell if I’ve gone over the top. Too much can cause the rear end the over-steer when accelerating hard out of a bend which will be fun in the wet.

With twelve brackets needed to mount the rear A-Arms the progress was always going to be slow.

Now, add into the equation some anti-squat and every bracket becomes unique.

Aligning all these brackets so that they rotate around the same axis and keeping them perpendicular to the chassis central axis takes a lot of measuring, tack welding and adjustment.

Eight small brackets took the best part of 2 days.

Haynes Roadster Rear Suspension