Grille and Slam Panel

Slam Panel - panel beatingI’ve started my version of a 1939 Chevy grille shell. This was my first real attempt at hammer and dolly panel beating. Hopefully it will be strong.

Mocking up the bonnet & Rookie Mistakes

Mocking-up BonnetMaking the bonnet is going to be a huge challenge, so I decided to mock it up. There was still plenty of fabrication to finish on the inner wings, but I was out of gas and it was a Sunday.…

Inner Wings

I’ve started the inner wings. The first job was to get the flange onto which the wing mounts done.The U-shaped bonnet slam edge is still just propped into place. To clear my new thicker radiator and twin fans, the bonnet was extended forward about 2″. The buck was re-proportioned several times, so this “stretch” might make the front look end too long.

Bonnet Frame

Hot Rod Steel ScuttleWith the scuttle 80% done, this Locost was starting to look less and less Hot Rod and more 70’s saloon. I want this car to look like a modified late 30’s sedan, not like a PT Cruiser or a Morgan.…

Windscreen Surround

Motivation to complete my windscreen surround has been lacking. Poor health means I’ll never drive this Locost. You can take the man away from his Hot Rod, but you can’t take the Hot Rodder out of the man.

Bespoke Steel Scuttle

Hand-made ScuttleI wanted a steel scuttle but the MG Midget has a bolt on aluminium item designed for a soft-top roof. A lot of custom sheet metalwork would be needed. Apart from using the side pillars as hammer dollies, it was…

Hand Made Bulkhead

Hand-Built BulkheadI could see my hand built bulkhead being the biggest challenge yet. I wanted something that looked original rather than something boxy made from flat steel.

Hand built Bodywork – Drivers Side Door Pillar

Hand-made Bodywork - sillI’m new to hand-built bodywork, so getting the dimension of the driver’s side door pillar within 1mm of the nearside was beyond hard. I’ve always heard stories about one side of a hand-made Ferrari or Aston being different to the…

DIY English Wheel

English Wheel Homemade DIYA DIY English Wheel from scrap steel tube and an old Lathe tail-stock? Surely that’s not possible? – Well I thought I give it a go.

Bead Roller Upgrade & Tipping Die

Tipping Dies 22mmI wanted a Bead Roller Tipping Die for my 22mm Jenny. However, when I looked online, they were out of stock. I had to strengthen my bead roller first.

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