Wooden Buck For 37 Ford Phantom Part 8

They say 'A change is as good as a rest'. Well I've had one, now I'm doing the other. I've had a break from the car; this was in part because of the river running through the workshop.

Wooden Buck For 37 Ford Phantom Part 7

Making your own car is not easy and there are several stages that need to be gone through before the final shape can be finalised. The chassis is somewhat simpler in that it's shape and layout is somewhat dictated by the components it has to house. With the body there is more freedom for expression and what might work practically, does not work visually.

Wooden Buck for 37 Ford Phantom Part 6

The wooden buck for this 1937 Ford Hot Rod is starting to look a little too much like a dashing 1930's gentleman's ride than something you'd bolt 20 inch alloy wheels to.

Homemade Wooden Buck Part 3

Homemade wooden car bucks aren't made over a weekend. They need to be a good representation of the final design. This buck will not look anything like what Colin Chapham created but might look something like what Henry Ford penned.

Homemade Wooden Buck Part 2

Making a wooden buck from CAD plans doesn't simply involve a set-square and a ruler. It requires feeling and passion and an artists eye.

Car Body Buck

What type of Car Body Buck should I use? There are so many choices. Open frame, steel, wood, polystyrene and clay. In the end I went for MDF.