Wooden Buck for 37 Ford Phantom Part 6

The wooden buck for this 1937 Ford Hot Rod is starting to look a little too much like a dashing 1930's gentleman's ride than something you'd bolt 20 inch alloy wheels to.

Wooden Buck for 37 Ford Phantom Part 4

The aim of this wooden buck is to produce a 37 Ford Phantom Slantback sedan. Inspiration has been taken from OZE Rods and cars like Baron Von Kuhls 37 Phantom Phaeton.

Homemade Wooden Buck Part 3

Homemade wooden car bucks aren't made over a weekend. They need to be a good representation of the final design. This buck will not look anything like what Colin Chapham created but might look something like what Henry Ford penned.

Homemade Wooden Buck Part 2

Making a wooden buck from CAD plans doesn't simply involve a set-square and a ruler. It requires feeling and passion and an artists eye.

Car Body Buck

What type of Car Body Buck should I use? There are so many choices. Open frame, steel, wood, polystyrene and clay. In the end I went for MDF.

Homemade English Wheel

This Home made English wheel was modelled in CAD and laser cut from flat steel all for under £200. With a 910mm throat and stands 1.6metres tall it is fit for any professional workshop.