Homemade Wooden Buck Part 3

Homemade wooden car bucks aren't made over a weekend. They need to be a good representation of the final design. This buck will not look anything like what Colin Chapham created but might look something like what Henry Ford penned.

Homemade Wooden Buck Part 2

Making a wooden buck from CAD plans doesn't simply involve a set-square and a ruler. It requires feeling and passion and an artists eye.

Car Body Buck

What type of Car Body Buck should I use? There are so many choices. Open frame, steel, wood, polystyrene and clay. In the end I went for MDF.

Homemade English Wheel

This Home made English wheel was modelled in CAD and laser cut from flat steel all for under £200. With a 910mm throat and stands 1.6metres tall it is fit for any professional workshop.

Kit Car Bonnet Height

Getting the height of a Kit Car Chassis right is not easy, there are many factors to take into account. Engine height through to aesthetics

Haynes Roadster Bonnet

Shaping a Haynes Roadster bonnet can be hard. First you have to decide engine height then you'll need to work out bonnet bulges and scoops.

Haynes Roadster Bonnet

Getting the right bonnet line on a Haynes Roadster is important. Making sure all the lines flow visually is very important to the overall look. Getting it wrong may be prove disastrous.


Haynes Roadster rebody or a complete restart? The new CAD derived design will be a bit of both.