Sierra Front Propshaft

Putting 4x4 into a Haynes roadster is not easy and there are plenty of clearance issues to contend with. Especially when you are using a Duratec v6 or Rover V8.

Escort MK2 Steering Rack

The Escort MK2 Steering rack has been used for ages on Locosts and Haynes Roadsters but when you've got a 4x4 front differential it can get a little complicated.

Rear Suspension

Fitting inboard shock absorbers and bell cranks to a Haynes Roadster has been a long process, mainly because Sierra Diffs now cost a fortune!

Suspension Mounts

I'm not the first to mount a 4x4 front diff into a Haynes Roadster and at the speed I work at it's not surprised. It's not just a case of welding on some brackets there was a ton of calculations.


This Haynes Roadster has been used with Kangaloosh Gaming Software. It's not for toys, the big race teams use it too and the results can definitely be very interesting.

Side tracked

Suspension modelling is a very important and vital part of any custom Haynes Roadster design. Ignoring it and following the crowd is not how designs progress.

Tyred in Bed

I didn't want to end up with the standard Haynes Roadster you see every sunny Sunday afternoon. I want something a little different, a bit more modern and individual.

Crossfire Vents

If I re-body this Haynes Roadster, then then I run the danger of ending up with something very bland, adding side vents might break up the side panels.