Side window curvature

You see renderings of concept cars all the time, but this Haynes Roadster rebody will actually get built and will use standard production parts. Finding the right ones is hard.

Hardtop Heaven

I don't want yet another standard Haynes Roadster, I want something with a roof, side windows etc. This redesign is taking the Locost concept to the next level - a full bodied hardtop!

Roadster Windscreen

Fitting a full body to this Locost, isn't going to be easy. Firstly, rough designs need sketching out in CAD, then I need to real find donor parts and re-draw everything.

Granada Rear Hubs

Haynes Roadsters can use some pretty old parts, that will turn up in rather rusty condition. These Granada rear hubs were cleaned up using electrolysis and the results even surprised me!

Modified Front Sierra Differential

Fitting 4x4 to a Haynes Roadster cannot be easy. The Sierra front differential needs modifying and strengthening to suit it's new position ahead of the engine.

Sierra 4×4 Front Driveshaft Cover

There are tons of components on this Locost build, some may seem insignificant, but somewhere down the line you will find that they clash with something much more major. E.g. this Sierra 4x4 Front Driveshaft Cover.

Coil-over Shock

Sourcing coilover shocks for your Locost or Haynes Roadster build need not cost a fortune. I've bought 4 of these Motorbike shocks for less than 50 pounds - including postage.

Sierra Tripod Differential

Like many Locosts or Haynes Roadsters this build will use a Sierra Tripod Differential. Drawing it up in AutoCad has taken quite a few lunch hours!. I did notice that the Lobro and Tripod casing had very subtle changes