Locost 7 4×4 Front Propshaft

The front propshaft for a 4x4 Locost 7 has to clear numerous components such as the starter, exhaust & steering. There needs to be a central Universal Joint.

Locost Push Rod Rear Suspension

Anti Squat Independent Rear Suspension for a Locost / Haynes Roadster is not easy. I have used push rod rear suspension to get a rising spring rate and reduced hub weight

Caterham Rear Diff Cover

This Haynes Roadster incorporates a Caterham rear differential cover for increased clearance, along with roller bearing, urethane suspension joints.

Ford Sierra Front Differential

I've made up a custom aluminium housing to replace the section that would be part and parcel of the sump. A 4x4 Haynes Roadster has been a lot of work.

Kit Car 4×4

Building a 4x4 Kit Car isn't easy. Building a 4wd sports car from scratch is even harder. Getting the Sierra front differential to fit has been slow but surprisingly simple.