Ford Sierra Front Differential

When you are building a Four Wheel Drive (4x4) Haynes Roadster, the engine will sit a long way behind the front differential. Therefore, there will need to be some pretty radical modifications to the standard sub.

Kit Car 4wd Front Differential

There are not many Kit Cars with 4wd, I am starting to work out why. Hopefully, I have everything sorted now and this Rover V8 Haynes Roadster is 4x4.

Sierra Rear Shafts

There are many different Sierra rear drive shafts. Some are much longer than others but some that may be sold as one length may in fact be slightly different.

Rear Suspension

Fitting inboard shock absorbers and bell cranks to a Haynes Roadster has been a long process, mainly because Sierra Diffs now cost a fortune!

Suspension Mounts

I'm not the first to mount a 4x4 front diff into a Haynes Roadster and at the speed I work at it's not surprised. It's not just a case of welding on some brackets there was a ton of calculations.

Granada Rear Hubs

Haynes Roadsters can use some pretty old parts, that will turn up in rather rusty condition. These Granada rear hubs were cleaned up using electrolysis and the results even surprised me!

Modified Front Sierra Differential

Fitting 4x4 to a Haynes Roadster cannot be easy. The Sierra front differential needs modifying and strengthening to suit it's new position ahead of the engine.

Front Axle Assembly

For this Haynes Roadster build I'm going to use a Ford Sierra Front differential but the Cosworth sump will be thrown away. To regain some strength some new mounts will need to be designed and drawn.