Sierra 4×4 Front Driveshaft Cover

There are tons of components on this Locost build, some may seem insignificant, but somewhere down the line you will find that they clash with something much more major. E.g. this Sierra 4x4 Front Driveshaft Cover.

Sierra Tripod Differential

Like many Locosts or Haynes Roadsters this build will use a Sierra Tripod Differential. Drawing it up in AutoCad has taken quite a few lunch hours!. I did notice that the Lobro and Tripod casing had very subtle changes

Sierra Cosworth Differential

Finding a Ford Escort Cosworth 4x4 LSD Diff for this Locost / Haynes Roadster build has taken ages. The prices are rocketing and the choices are getting limited. Luckily, I have mine.

Granada Axle Flange

For this Haynes Roadster build I've drawn up Ford Granada 5 stud Axle Flanges in AutoCad. The dimensions will be used to decide upon brake options at a later date.