Sierra Front Differential

Locost 7 4×4 Front Propshaft

The front propshaft for a 4x4 Locost 7 has to clear numerous components such as the starter, exhaust & steering. There needs to be a central Universal Joint.

Ford Sierra Front Differential

I've made up a custom aluminium housing to replace the section that would be part and parcel of the sump. A 4x4 Haynes Roadster has been a lot of work.

Kit Car 4×4

Building a 4x4 Kit Car isn't easy. Building a 4wd sports car from scratch is even harder. Getting the Sierra front differential to fit has been slow but surprisingly simple.

Sierra Front Differential Part II

Haynes Roadster 4x4 are thin on the ground. The Ford Sierra Front Differential needs a fair amount of modification to fit. As does the chassis and sump.

Ford Sierra Front Differential

When you are building a Four Wheel Drive (4x4) Haynes Roadster, the engine will sit a long way behind the front differential. Therefore, there will need to be some pretty radical modifications to the standard sub.

Kit Car 4wd Front Differential

There are not many Kit Cars with 4wd, I am starting to work out why. Hopefully, I have everything sorted now and this Rover V8 Haynes Roadster is 4x4.