Rover V8 Sierra Clutch

Fitting a Rover V8 to a Sierra 4x4 Cosworth gearbox, hasn't been easy. but finding a suitable clutch was very easy in the form of a Ford Transit.

Rover V8 Dimensions

There are numerous Rover V8 dimensions published on the web. I measured my engine with micrometers and most are somewhat wrong or misleading.

Rover V8 Short Water Pump

For a Rover V8 short water pump you have two options, the P6 or the later Serpentine 3.9 Land Rover item. You can shave nearly 50mm from the length of the Rover V8.
Rover V8 Plenum

Rover V8 Plenum Chamber

Fitting the Rover V8 into a Haynes Roadster isn't going to be easy. Putting the plenuum chamber into CAD will enable me to work out the height of the engine relative to the bodywork.

Rover V8 Timing Chain Cover

The Rover V8 has been fitted with many front timing chain covers and water pumps. What is the shortest water pump and can billet aluminium pulleys be fitted?