Rover V8 CAD

The BW35 bellhousing for the Rover V8 hasn’t arrived, so I’ve started drawing up other parts of the engine. This may look like just another rocker box, but in fact it is actually a sign that I’ve decided to draw… Read More »Rover V8 CAD

Rover V8 Lifter Valley

The trusted Rover V8 3.5 litre should not be overlooked just because it has 5.0 cousins. It can still be made to put out serious reliable power. This Rover V8 lifter valley was clean!

Jaguar AJ-V8 CAD

As you may imagine the CAD and measuring process for the Jaguar AJ-V8 has been very slow. Apart from the fact that every dimension seems bigger than my height gauges or micrometers, it’s a little complicated! So far I’ve measured… Read More »Jaguar AJ-V8 CAD

Supercharged Jaguar XJR V8

A Supercharged Jaguar AJ-V8 4.0 litre in a Haynes Roadster can't be too hard, can it? Why 400+BHP and 4x4 a few things may need changing.