Rover V8 Trigger Wheel – Megasquirt

A Megasquirt ECU requires a 36-1 trigger input. Many people fit a trigger wheel to the front pulley, however I wanted to use one similar to a Range Rover P38 automatic flex-plate or a 4.0 Discovery Manual flywheel.

Rover V8 4×4 Haynes Roadster

Rover V8 to MT75 4×4 gearbox conversion successfully installed into Haynes Roadster Kit Car

Rover V8 to MT75 Gearbox adaptor

Rover V8 to MT75 gearbox conversions are not easy, but this how to article shows how involved it is. TIG welding two gearbox halves together using as custom jig

Rover V8 Sierra Clutch

Fitting a Rover V8 to a Sierra 4×4 Cosworth gearbox, hasn’t been easy. but finding a suitable clutch was very easy in the form of a Ford Transit.

Rover V8 Short Water Pump

For a Rover V8 short water pump you have two options, the P6 or the later Serpentine 3.9 Land Rover item. You can shave nearly 50mm from the length of the Rover V8.

Rover V8 to MT75 Adaptor – part 4

Fitting a MT75 Sierra Cosworth gearbox to a Rover V8 isn’t easy. You’ll need a rare Rover BW35 automatic gearbox housing a hacksaw and plenty of patience

Rover V8 to MT75 Adaptor Plate – part 3

I’ve been having fun converting my Rover V8 to Sierra Cosworth MT75 4×4. When you find  the correct solution to a problem, sometimes it makes previous efforts look like a waste of effort. Rover V8 to MT75 gearbox using LT77…

Rover V8 to MT75 Adaptor Plate – part2

Rover V8 to Sierra MT75 adaptor using the Borg Warner 35 (BW35) automatic bellhousing from the P5B and P6B.

Rover V8 to MT75 Adaptor Plate

The goal is to mate the Rover V8 up to a Ford MT75 gearbox. Therefore I had 2 choices: Use an Rover V8 to MT75 adaptor plate Use a complete LT77 bell-housing and remove the integral MT75 bell-housing and weld…

MT75 Clutch Upgrade

An Mt75 4×4 gearbox has an integral bellhousing. Mating to a Rover V8 will require the removal of the standard bellhousing and replacement by an LT77 removable item

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