Basic IVA Glass EC43R

EC43R BIVA Glass codesI needed some Basic IVA glass for my Hot Rod. This Hot Rod will need BIVA testing to get a registration and VIN number. Therefore it needs EC43R marked glass. Basic IVA Glass (BIVA) – Flat I’m not using flat…

Dimple Die / Hole Swage CAD drawings

dimple die hole swage 32mmDimple die or Hole swage tools add that ‘trick’ look to any fabricated Steel or Aluminium project. They not only lighten a panel, with careful choice of size, they actually add rigidity.

Hidden Hinge Clearance

Hidden Hinge ClearanceI finally got my hidden hinge working as previously I was having problems with it fouling just before the second stop. I’m not good at imagining things in 3 dimensions, especially when they are moving. I’d posted a couple pictures…

Hidden Hinge – Modifications needed

Hot Rod Hidden HingeIn order to get the hidden hinge to work, the ‘A’ pillar will need some modification.
I started by creating a 15.5mm deep recess for the lower hinge to sit in. This would enable both of the hinge pins to align.

Hot Rod Hidden Hinge – Hit or Miss?

Hot Rod Hidden HingeI’m using Golf MK5 hardware as my hidden hinges. I couldn’t picture whether the door was going to clear the pillar, so I had to mock everything up first.

Fabricated Hot Rod Door

Hot Rod Fabricated DoorMy fabricated Hot Rod door is not going to be easy. Considering I’m new to this metalwork lark, I’m actually finding it quite fun.

Hot Rod Hidden Hinges

Wireframe A pillar - Hidden HingeAs a datum for the whole body, I’m starting with the A pillars and hidden hinges.
With the hinge pins as datums, I’ll make the bulkhead & windscreen surround.

Braking – Electric Vacuum Pump

Hella UP28 Electric Vacuum PumpI have used various brake components and I have no idea how good the brakes will work or feel once complete, so I’m using a Hella UP28 Electric Vacuum Pump.

New Workshop Required

Hot Rod WireframeI’ve been moving my car and all my tools. Now the bodywork can begin. The wooden buck has been scrapped so from now on I’ll be using the wireframe

Rover V8 Electric Water Pump

Davies Craig ewp150 Elecric water pumpI’ve fitting an electric water pump to my Rover V8. The P38 water pump I was using tried to occupy the same space as the front 4×4 prop shaft. I had a mate cut and weld it, but clearance was…

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