Body Evolution

I haven’t started the bodywork, as it still a little cold outside. Excuse, excuse excuse…….

I was standing in the local newsagent, reading pretty much every magazine I could, when the new McLaren MP4-12C just jumped off the shelf at me. GORGEOUS!

McLaren Mp4-12c

Obviously, a Locost roadster and a McLaren are completely different shapes, but the side vents lent me the idea of a double side vent.

I was never happy with the bonnet or the front end so I extended the bonnet. I took inspiration from the TVR Speed 12. Although it ended up nothing like the TVR I’m a lot more happy with it now. I’ve move the air inlet from the front to the sides.

TVR Speed 12

The main reason for the re-design was I wanted to use a Toyota MR2 screen and the present design simply wasn’t wide enough. Somehow, I needed to gain 5.5 inches across the bottom of the screen. I have now modelled a MR2 windscreen (below) and believe me it was hard getting such a wide screen to fit. Somehow, the width and height of the screen does help the car look a lot lower.

I somehow ended up with backward McLaren vents and slightly TVR bonnet.

The latest bodywork attempt.

Heaven Latest side view

I really need to get out in that garage and start shaping the mold before I change my mind again!

The headlamps are still bothering me, so no doubt I will change my mind again.

The side vents need more curvature, like the McLaren, plus the whole thing looks a little too TVR. It’s far too rounded and a little too ‘generic’.

This Haynes roadster rebody, will take some time to get right and maybe the best way is to see it take shape in the garage. Forget the CAD, where’s that sander!

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