Bodywork Makeover – Again

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Often many Kit Cars can look very ‘plastic’, purely because they lack sharp or bold body lines. From some angles, they could be ‘drop dead gorgeous‘, yet from others they’d look like their features had melted together.

Ever since I sketched the body in CAD nearly a year ago, several elements of the design have been crying out for attention.

The windscreen was added without being based on any dimensions purely in a rush to complete the outline of the whole car.

The intention with the real bodywork is to use a windscreen from a production vehicle, hopefully with associated windscreen pillars and possibly even the folding roof and wiper motor assembly etc.

I want to move the bottom front edge of the windscreen forward.

I have several cars to measure up. Number one on the list is the Toyota MR2.

Toyota MR2

My windscreen definitely needs to be much more raked. At present it conflicts with the flow of other body lines.

Guess which car my neighbour owns! An MR2 of course!

The other aspect that I have taken stick for, is the very 1970’s side exhausts and disjointed styling where they exit. This is after all a modern remake. I think the side profile needs to reflect the shape of where the exhausts would be, without them actually being there. A bit like the first Dodge Vipers.

Dodge Viper

I love the way the sills rise up and inward towards the front edge of the door to emphasis the sweep of the front arch and how the top round of the door also drops.

Whilst I’m there, the whole rear end may even get a make over.

The intention is to use Fiat Brava rear lights and I may even change the Beetle Headlamps to ones from a Mercedes.

Mercedes HeadlampsFiat Brava Rear Lights

Watch this space……