Bodywork Wireframe Buck – half finished

Bodywork Wireframe Buck

With half the wireframe buck finished, it has become obvious that although it has its uses it is also very prone to flexing. It’s own weight is sufficient to bend and distort bars. It will therefore need a lot of extra bracing  before use.

Lifting the wireframe over the chassis has proved that virtually everything clears, there is plenty of head room and the overall shape is pretty good.

The need for an internal framework has never been more obvious. Before any external body can be started, I’ll need a solid structure. This structure will be folded from 18awg mild steel sheet. A framework of top hat section, cut with a dimple die cutter should add considerable strength to the bodywork. Once complete, I’ll have numerous datum points from where to create bodywork panels. The top hat structure will be spot welded to the bodywork skin.

Bodywork Wireframe Buck

Bodywork Wireframe Buck

Uniform Curves

When I originally made the wooden buck, I tried to make sure that wherever possible curves were keep the same along their entire length. Other curves were made as sweeping as possible.

Bodywork Wireframe Buck

What is now obvious is that this is almost a miniature Hot Rod. It stands 10″ lower than our family hatch at just 47″. Even with the large rear overhang it’s also quite short.

Styling cues were taken from 37 Fords and Chevy’s yet this one is only 2/3rds the size. 

1937 Ford Slantback Sedan

I reasonably happy with the lines and overall shape, plus the reduced dimensions make the 19″ wheels look more like 22’s. It’s definitely more Hot Rod than gentry style kit car.