Chassis Collection

Having debated building a ‘super seven’ style car for decades, when a chassis came up on ebay with a reserve of only £0.99, temptation and curiosity took hold.

The auction finished with only 3 bids at £56.55. Surely this was a bargain??!? A 550mile round trip would answer that.

The unfortunate answer was NO.

Once home, with room and equipment to inspect the chassis properly, it very soon became obvious that the chassis was far from square. The tape measure confirmed that the diagonals were 15mm different, one side 12mm longer and the other 1cm taller. Plus, my set squares were obviously a different shape to those used by the original builder.

The chassis had at least 2 previous owners. The last had decided to cut out various tubes (because of rust?!) and replace them with crudely cut, tack welded sections that were very obviously incorrect in length. A poorly square chassis had been further distorted. It is no wonder that despite huge book sales, with hundreds under construction, less than 20 of these cars have hit the road in the UK.

Having made the decision to build another car, I was faced with the decision: do I cut up this chassis and straighten it or do I simple start again from scratch?

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