Locost Chassis – chassis plans for kit car

I started by purchasing a ready built chassis on Fleabay. It was too twisted and distorted to use without a lot of work, hence the re-design. I did a search for ‘chassis plans for kit car’, but found very few results. Therefore, I decided to start from scratch, sketching everything out in CAD first.

Locost Chassis CAD

Initially the plan was to have a traditional looking Locost Roadster.

However, it became obvious, that although only minor changes to the Locost style chassis would enable the fitment of modern performance running gear, the body that surrounded it, needed a fair amount of ‘distortion’. I could never find a combination that looked good from certain angles. It always looked like the sevens swollen cousin.

Hence the re-design of the bodywork.

Locost New Body

The aim was to have a Sevenesque profile, with certain classic lines mirrored into the new design. The Front wings were meant to look like inverted clamshell wings.

I wanted to maintain strong wheel arch profiles, yet having been in a seven at high speeds, I knew a slightly smoother frontal aspect might help.

A curved windscreen and wind-up windows should improve performance in the wind and rain.

Kicking up a section in the rear panel should aid the underside air flow exit with less turbulence.

The chassis however, would remain much as it always was.

If your looking for CAD plans and drawings there’s loads here


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