A big reason for entering the chassis into CAD was that certain elements of the design did not seem to make sense.

Certain crossmembers seemed either too close together or too far forward. With the design fully visible within CAD the issues soon became obvious.

image: Side View

Although, in the above diagram, a standard 2WD MT75 gearbox and not a 4WD box has been attached to the Duratec V6 via an adaptor plate, it clearly shows that the engine will not fit without design changes.

The chosen engine is the 24v 3.0lt v6 Duratec V6 out of the S-type Jaguar. The MT75 4×4 gearbox is the chosen gearbox.

image: CAD Duratec V6 from Jaguar S Typeimage: CAD MT75 4x4 gearbox

Several design challenges were noted :

  • Almost half the engine bay was taken up by gearbox,
  • Much of the 2 inch height gain (McSorley +442), would be above components such as the battery,
  • A taller scuttle or a bonnet bulge would be needed,
  • Ground clearance would be down to 8cm in the centre,
  • Using differential mounts based on the standard design the rear propshaft joint would always be offset,
  • A remote gear linkage would be needed for the shift lever.
  • The foot pedals would have to be mounted way back from the bulk head. Potentially a 7ft tall driver could be accommodated.

In order to fit the V6 and front differential, clearly much needed changing.

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