3D Modelling

Ron Champion started the latest kit car revival with the Locost Seven or Haynes Roadster.

I intend to generate blueprints, from which any enthusiast build a car from scratch.

Every component used on this build will be measured and modeled in 3D CAD.

Locost Haynes Roadster 3D CAD drawings and dimensions

Please don’t ask for CAD models. If I haven’t published them, they are not available.

When this project is complete, detailed 3D models and plans will be published.

Other plans available on the web:

The 3D Model below, is shown courtesy of Dave King at Synergy Tech.

You can download the model from 3DContentCentral

Other 3D models are available on-line :


image: 3D Hybridimage: 3D McSorley(click on images for further info)