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Having discovered that errors of 1mm or 1° can add up to become a huge problem and that many critical dimensions were missing from drawings, the decision was made to enter the Adobe Acrobat format drawings into CAD.

This process soon highlighted numerous inconsistencies in the paper design that once transferred to metal, could explain much of the problems I’d found with my purchased chassis. In many situations a builder would be faced with getting one dimension correct at the expense of another.

The original drawings showed 1inch to equal 25mm (and not 25.4mm). Strangely although dimensioned in mm, some dimensions only made sense when tubing was taken as 25.4mm (hard to find in the U.K.). These errors added up, especially in diagonals.

Once the design has been completed a full set of drawings will be posted here.

image : New CAD Locost design

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V6 Engine Bell-housing Bolt Pattern DWG r14 CAD
Sierra Half Shafts DXF CAD
Sierra Half Shaft DWG CAD
Ford Sierra - Sectioned IRS DWG CAD
Haynes Roadster Rollcage DWG CAD
Pedal Box DWG CAD
New Haynes Roadster Sierra DWG CAD
Locost Chassis DWG CAD
Master Cylinder DWG CAD
M12 Rose Joint and Nut DWG CAD
Lotus Super 7 Series 2 Chassis Frame DWG CAD
Jaguar Duratec AJ V8 DWG CAD
HiSpec UL2 M16 Caliper DWG CAD
Guillotine DWG CAD
Guillotine DXF CAD
GTS Tuning Shocks - DXF CAD
Front Suspension Sierra - DWG CAD
Front Suspension Cortina - DWG CAD
Ford Type 9 Gearbox Dimensions - dxf CAD
Ford Escort MK2 Ball Joints - DXF CAD
Ford Cortina Upright Hub Assembly DXF CAD
Ford Escort MK2 Steering Rack - (Left Hand Drive) - dxf
Ford Escort MK2 Steering Rack - (Left Hand Drive) - DWG CAD
Driving Position Dummy DXF CAD
Cortina Disk Brake DXF CAD

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