Jaguar X type Uprights

Sticking with the AWD route, with prices for Sierra 4×4 parts on the increase and available parts becoming fairly scarce, I decided to look at the Jaguar X-type.

Brand new parts are available ‘off the shelf’, for less than some want for 25 year old parts in need of overhaul.

Front Uprights

image: Jaguar X type front Upright.Part Number : C2S 25284image: Jaguar X Type hub C2S8056image: Jaguar X Type hub C2S8056

This one was bought on Fleabay for less than £10

(from a 2007, with less than 26,000 miles)

Obviously, the whole upright cannot be used (even with a mushroom top adaptor) as the Steering Axis Inclination would be huge, but it provides useful parts for making custom uprights.

The front uprights would have press in wheel bearings.


  • The front hub #C2S 8056
  • The front wheel bearing #C2S 8276


Rear Uprights

image: Jaguar X Type rear hub assemblies C2S3301 For the rear, bolt on hub assemblies are available.

  • Jaguar X Type AWD rear hub assembly #C2S 3301 image: Jaguar Rear Hub CAD


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