Corsa EPAS Column Part 2

Fitting the Vauxhall Corsa C electric power steering column wasn’t exactly straight forward, but none the less, possible.

Having said that, there were quite a few heart sinking moments when I thought, ‘This just ain’t going to fit!’

The first problem was the electric motor hung out the side of the car. The motor really needed to be underneath, on the other side and 4 inches higher up. The solution would be to rotate it 180°, but the problem with this was the indicators and wipers would be on the wrong side. Luckily only two ½” long welds prevented me from rotating the top half of the column. Five minutes later the top half of the column was rotated and the original cross member had a big gap in it.

Next Problem……
I went to re-fit the brake pedal assembly and at a crucial point the column was a good two inches wider than the Ford Sierra unit I had set the car up with. Also, the ECU wanted to occupy the same space as the pedal pivots and it seemed like I would have to change to a bottom hinged pedal assembly. I didn’t have to consider this option for long as I quickly realised it was a non-starter. The brake cylinders would foul just about everything from the engine to the front prop-shaft and exhaust.

Therefore, the only solution left was to make some new pedals with some weird bends in them. I actually cut up the standard Sierra ones. My theory was the only way anyone would see them would be to do a handstand on the front seat with a torch. The brake pedal isn’t visible in the pictures, but I can assure you it has a 2.5 inch U shape in the middle. I might still modify the brake pedal a little further, as I am still not 100% happy with the pedal spacing. The clutch and throttle pedals are standard Sierra. I need to make up some brass bushes on the lathe to space the pedals correctly, but I am waiting upon a delivery.

There is still work to be done. I need to finish off the mounts for the brake master cylinder and put in a guide tube for the throttle cable etc.
I also need to finish off the whole dash board / scuttle assembly….. There  are loads of jobs to keep me busy.

Corsa C Haynes Roadster Column