Crossfire Rear Glass

You either Love or hate the Chrysler Crossfire’s unique styling. Sure, it has some really clever design aspects but you’ll always be able to find an angle where none of them gel together.

It maybe obvious, I never quite liked the Crossfire. However, after lying ill on my back for days racking my brains with absolutely no clues on the rear window donor; Nissan Micra, Porsche Boxter Hardtop etc; the first car I see when I walk out of the hospital was – well you guessed it.

Chrysler Crossfire Rear Hatch

By using the complete rear hatch, I’ll get :

  • Heated rear screen
  • High Level Brake light
  • Rear wash / wipe
  • Hinges
  • Discrete lock

In the words of a Meerkat, it’s not all ‘simples’. Using this rear hatch will mean a change to the rear profile.

Rear profile change

Current profile

If the whole hatch were used, not just the ‘hump’ in the rear profile will need to be lost. The whole shape of the rear would need changing. With the hatch’s hinge lining up with the top rear edge of the side window, you can see the problem.

Crude Photoshop Overlay of Chrysler Crossfire roof

A scaled version of the Chrysler Crossfire roof overlayed.

Because of it’s length, it would extend way beyond the current rear end.

Now the hatch could be moved forward, but this would leave an odd roof profile, with a mis-match of glass edges.

Crossfire rear hatch moved forward

The third option would be to use just the glass.

Crossfire rear glass

First things first, I need to get that rear hatch measured and modelled. Scaling photos is a start, but it has no true merit.

The rear end design was never my favourite aspect. For instance, I was never sure what to do with the number plate – just screw it on? make a feature of it?

It’s going to be tricky. I’ve always been the number one fan of the utterly gorgeous Weissman, truly exquisite in open top form, yet in hardtop form, I can’t quite make up my mind. Don’t get me wrong, it still butters both sides of my toast, I’m just trying to make emphasis of the challenge I face. If I can come close the Wiesman design I’ll be very happy.

Wiesmann GT

Wiesmann GT

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