Escort MK2 Steering Rack

It’s not obvious from this drawing but a standard Ford Escort MK2 steering rack is not ideal.

The rack needs to be mounted where it clears the front Cosworth 4×4 diff. In this case a long way forward. The steering arms on the custom uprights would be nearly 30% longer than the standard Ford Sierra items.

The driver would have to turn the steering wheel several turns just to change lane.

The options are:

  • A Rally Ford Escort ‘quick rack’
  • A ‘front’ mounted rack much shorter than the Escort
  • A ‘rear’ mounted rack (approximately the same length)

A quick rack would address the amount the driver turns the steering wheel in a bend, but the turning circle of the car would be limited.

A ‘rear’ rack could be used that mounts to the rear of the steering upright axis. You can not simply move a front mounted rack backwards, as turning the steering wheel would turn the driving wheels in the opposite direction to expected. The hole for it to pass through would be pretty tight. The rack needs to fit in a hole behind the suspension push rod and above the diff. I’d need to find one roughly the same length as the aging Escort item.

If a short front mounted rack  could be found (my favourite option), then it could be mounted much lower on the car. As the lower ball joint is further forward, the resulting steering arm length would be 20mm shorter and much closer to the ideal.

A trip to the scrap yard with a tape measure is called for.

Ford Escort MK2 Steering rack

If you intend on fitting a Escort Steering rack to a Haynes Roadster, then download the AutoCAD DXF drawing here