Ford MT75 Gearbox

With the purchase of a supercharged Jaguar V8 having 525Nm torque, there is a strong chance the MT75 gearbox I planned on using in my Locost would be running close to, or beyond it’s limits. I have a Ford Germany datasheet that states the 2wd version is only rated at 220Nm.

Unfortunately, I had almost finished drawing up the Ford MT75 Gerabox – 4×4 in AutoCAD. It seemed a shame not to finish it. With nearly 30 hours invested in the dwg, I wasn’t going to stop.

So, it was a waste of a few lunch breaks but I finished anyway.

update: The girlfriends Haynes roadster is getting a 4×4 MT75 and Rover V8 3.9i

MT75 Cosworth gearbox showing front propshaft

If you compare the above shot with the Cosworth and 2.0 DOHC bellhousings, it becomes obvious why the Cosworth box has less bolts on this side as they would clash with the thicker propshaft.

Now, I need to find a RB26DETT gearbox from a Nissan Skyline. I’ve seen quite a few of these cars with standard boxes and 550Nm torque engines.

When I get one, it’ll be back to the AutoCAD – first I need to finish that Jaguar AJ-V8

Nissan Skyline RB26DETT gearbox

I’ve now got virtually a running chassis worth of parts I no longer need.

I wish I could keep to the original plan!