Free Bench Guillotine Drawings Download

Guillotine CAD Drawing

I’ve had a watch on the auction sites going for a cheap Bench Guillotine / Bench Shear for some time. A couple of them did finish at ‘reasonable’ prices but I always seemed to miss the auction ending.

Then some Guillotine blades came up cheaply.

If they are no longer available then you can always make your own from some 12mm plate.

Guillotine Blades

I thought I could knock up the drawings in CAD and get the parts laser cut. Often I find it cheaper to get parts laser cut than it is to buy the steel stock. If I buy steel stock, I am forced to buy a complete length or sheet, however if I get them laser cut I am charged a small fee and the weight of the finished parts. The handle and feet are just 12mm flat bar stock.

If anyone wants my drawings to make their own they are here:

– use right click ‘save target as’

The blade is held on by 2 large bolts and there are 4 smaller bolts that press against the side of the blade to facilitate blade adjustment / alignment.

It’s not shown in the drawing but you could also fit a tension spring to hold the handle in an upright position. You’ll also see that the upper blade has three holes, the third hole is for a safety locking pin to stop the handle from repeatedly dropping on your head as you walk past.

The whole assembly was MIG welded together but TIG or Gas would probably be stronger.

Free Bench Guillotine CAD download

Before anyone asks, I’m not going to upload scale drawings of each individual part. This download is for CAD nerds only.


Guillotine DWG CAD
Guillotine DXF CAD
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