Front Axle Assembly

I’m not going to use the Cosworth sump, so I will need to replace this assembly.

Normally the diff bolts directly to the side of the sump, however with this design the shaft that would run through the sump now runs in front of the engine.

The front suspension axle assembly actually has 3 driveshafts:

  1. From the differential to the Offside front wheel (UK)
  2. From the differential through the sump to the nearside of sump
  3. From the nearside of sump to the nearside wheel

A new shaft cover assembly will need to be made to replace the sump and hold the central shaft(2) in place. This assembly will also incorporate a strengthening plate for the Sierra Front Diff.

Locost 7 Sierra Cosworth Front axle assembly

The whole assembly will be urethane mounted to the chassis. In theory this set-up should have more strength than the conventional set-up and will therefore not ‘explode’ like some Sierra examples when put under extreme load.

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