Granada 4×4

The Ford Granada 4×4 is a rare sight these days and finding some front hubs wasn’t easy.

Why did I chose the 5x112mm stud pattern Ford Granada 4×4 over the 4x108mm stud Ford Sierra Xr4x4 or Cosworth?

Wheels and brakes are the answer.

The Granada shares the same stud pattern as Audi, Mercedes, VW and Seats. 19″ alloys are fairly common and available at reasonable prices. But, the big answer is I want to use Audi 360mm A8 discs and calipers. By making my own uprights, I’m not limited to the Ford family. The Granada is getting to that ‘classic’ age, but without the status. New (old stock) parts are simply thin on the ground. When it comes to brakes, I want brand spanking new and good quality. After 3 years on the road, I don’t want the car laid up because I can’t find brake pads for love nor money.

These days, some everyday vehicles have pretty impressive brakes. Vented, cross drilled, two piece, 6 pot Brembos…..

I’m not making a fat free racer here. With a V6, 4×4 running gear, fibreglass body and hardtop, it’s not a flyweight, so if I find some Porsche Cayenne calipers cheap; they are getting fitted.

As long as I keep a spare set of wheel bearings, I should get many years of driving.

The intention with this Haynes Roadster is to do some minor or possibly major bodywork redesign, so the size of wheels is much less of an issue.

Sierra 3.9:1 Front Differential

It's been a few weeks since my last blog and for good reason. My project has a new home. I had to knock down walls and do some pretty scary electrics, but the work is coming to an end. The next job is a heavy duty chassis table. More good ...

Modified Front Sierra Differential

Unlike the Rear Sierra Differential, the front differential is not located along the vehicles' centre-line. The prop-shaft driving the front diff exits the side of the MT75 gearbox and travels forward to the front differential bolted to the side of the sump. The front differential mounts only to the engine's ...

Sierra 4x4 Front Driveshaft Cover

This Sierra 4x4 Front Driveshaft Cover forms part of the Cosworth front axle assembly normally bolts to the nearside of the sump. In this design however, it will be mounted to a custom axle assembly. The cover would normally bolt to the right hand side of the sump / shaft assembly ...

Ford Sierra Front Differential Cover

This project will use a Ford Sierra Front Differential 4x4, 3.92:1 front differential (from a non-Cosworth Sierra 2.0s 4x4). Normally this diff would bolt to the alloy sump with integral drive shaft. However, for this application the diff will be mounted in front of the engine, with a custom drive-shaft assembly. ...

Ford Sierra Front Stub Axle

I'm getting better at the CAD stuff. The latest item to get drawn up is the Sierra Group N front stub axles. When I started learning AutoCad this would have taken me days if not weeks to draw. These took about under an hour to measure up and they ...

Locost 7 4x4 Front Propshaft

OK, so it's been a while since I did anything in the garage. During the last 7 months, the only thing that has happened on my Locost 4x4 is dust and rust. Part of this was down to declining health and being out of work. Most of it was because I ...

Ford Sierra Front Differential

With all off the front suspension brackets welded into place the next job is to mount the front 4x4 differential assembly. The nearside suspension brackets took a fraction of the time that the offside did. With the aid of a simple jig and a couple spirit levels, four mounts were ...

Kit Car 4x4

I now have all the pieces cut ready to take to the specialist TIG welding company. It'll look much better once all the sticky tape is removed! There was a stage when I was worried that the assembly would be a little weak, yet this mock-up is roughly stuck together ...

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