Granada 4×4

The Ford Granada 4×4 is a rare sight these days and finding some front hubs wasn’t easy.

Why did I chose the 5x112mm stud pattern Ford Granada 4×4 over the 4x108mm stud Ford Sierra Xr4x4 or Cosworth?

Wheels and brakes are the answer.

The Granada shares the same stud pattern as Audi, Mercedes, VW and Seats. 19″ alloys are fairly common and available at reasonable prices. But, the big answer is I want to use Audi 360mm A8 discs and calipers. By making my own uprights, I’m not limited to the Ford family. The Granada is getting to that ‘classic’ age, but without the status. New (old stock) parts are simply thin on the ground. When it comes to brakes, I want brand spanking new and good quality. After 3 years on the road, I don’t want the car laid up because I can’t find brake pads for love nor money.

These days, some everyday vehicles have pretty impressive brakes. Vented, cross drilled, two piece, 6 pot Brembos…..

I’m not making a fat free racer here. With a V6, 4×4 running gear, fibreglass body and hardtop, it’s not a flyweight, so if I find some Porsche Cayenne calipers cheap; they are getting fitted.

As long as I keep a spare set of wheel bearings, I should get many years of driving.

The intention with this Haynes Roadster is to do some minor or possibly major bodywork redesign, so the size of wheels is much less of an issue.