Granada Rear Hubs

Sometimes, when parts arrive, they look too rusty to be of any good. These Ford Granada Rear Hubs were very rusty indeed. Everywhere they stood you’d find a pile of rust flakes.

The hub on the left was dunked in the electrolysis bath for 4 hours. Electrolysis strips away rust without abrasives, leaving only solid non-oxidised metal behind. It takes very little effort and only chemicals you’d find under the average kitchen sink.

It’s clever stuff and it can be very cheap.

Locost Granada Rear Hub Before And After Cleaning

Even I was surprised how well they came up. They were still quite pitted in places but everywhere that counted was bright shiny and in good condition. If they were powder coated, any remaining surface imperfections would be very small.

I’ll only be using these for dimensions as I’ll be making custom rear uprights. These particular rear uprights are from a 24v Cosworth Scorpio and are the larger diameter vented discs. My custom uprights will also use vented discs, but sourced from either an Audi RS6 or Mercedes. I’m using 19″ Audi RS6 alloy wheels and that gives plenty of room for massive brakes and calipers. These new uprights will of course be fitted with new bearings, seals, discs, calipers etc. The price of secondhand parts is rising quickly, making brand new or performance parts a better option.

For more info on electrolysis click here.