Haynes Roadster Bonnet

Way back when I started, the decision was made to make the chassis a 442. eg:

  • 4 inches longer
  • 4 inches wider
  • 2 inches taller

Having seen a couple sevenesque Kit Cars with higher bonnet lines the new plan is to make this a 440. – Well sort of.

I want the right side profile and I don’t want the nose to stick up in the air. See this blog.

Doing this will mean cutting up my chassis – again.

To try and explain my plans see these two side profiles:

Haynes Roadster Bonnet

In the bottom drawing I wanted to see if I could gain a smooth profile by lifting the nose cone slightly at the rear.

The bonnet was angled down towards the front by 25mm. I was unhappy with this, as there was still an obvious kink in the top line.

In the top drawing the nosecone has been left flat at a profile similar to the original seven. The bonnet was angled down towards the front by 60mm.

You can see that the top chassis rail now needs to be angled down towards the front. – at least it’ll add some extra triangulation.

Obviously, the Rover V8 plenum chamber for the EFi sticks through the bonnet. However, the top is not above the cowl. The plan is to use a bonnet scoop similar to a Westfield’s Seight. I don’t want a kit car where a hole has been cut around an protruding air filter. You wouldn’t see it of the latest Ford so why should I have it?