IVA problems

Can you imagine getting all this Haynes Roadster through the IVA test? With all these parts sticking out at the front, there would be no chance of getting this through an IVA exam.

With the decision to build a completely new chassis for my other build, I now have a garage full of parts that need a home.

Sure, I could put them on the auction sites, but that’s just too easy!

OK, with my health issues, I may never get to drive either, but It’s the build I enjoy.

So, this build will be 2wd and will probably be Ford 2.0DOHC or 1.8 Sierra based. I just need a donor (Mainly for the V5). I probably won’t need most of the donor parts, as I have shelf loads of new Sierra parts, from diffs through to gaitors. Basically, if it can rotate or could wear out, I’ve got a new one waiting.

Don’t worry, the Supercharged 4.0Litre 4wd monster will still get built too ☺

(update… I just built one Rover V8 version)