Jaguar AJ-V8 CAD

As you may imagine the CAD and measuring process for the Jaguar AJ-V8 has been very slow.

Apart from the fact that every dimension seems bigger than my height gauges or micrometers, it’s a little complicated!

So far I’ve measured and modelled the cylinder heads, rocker boxes, front cover and bell-housing.

There are an awful lot of bits to go! If I even look at AutoCAD, I get depressed about how big a task it is. The DWG file is already huge and takes 2 minutes to load.

Jaguar AJ-V8 CAD

There have been further advances. I have worked out which Megasquirt MS3X components I need to get it fired up. Although, I am still a little confused on whether to use an American EDIS 8 setup for the ignition.

The Megasquirt MS3X is an after-market ECU that you can build from bits.

Megasquirt MS3XMegasquirt MS3x


The engine I have, is an AJ26S, which as a 12 pulse flywheel. The later model AJ27S and AJ34S have 36/1 pulse automatic flywheels.

However, the flywheel will be replaced by a manual gearbox hybrid Nissan Skyline item. Therefore a 36 pulse, crank mounted trigger wheel will need to be fitted.

The Cams are one pulse per revolution, this will allow sequential fuel injection

MS330-K Megasquirt-III kit with V3.0 PCB
MS3Xpander MS3X expansion card
JimStim-K JimStim Stimulator kit (for testing)
StimPower Power supply for JimStim (for testing)
MSHarness12 12′ main board wiring harness
MS3X-Harness 12′ MS3X wiring harness
IATwPiggy Intake Air Temperature Sensor
38NPT-Bung_A Aluminum bung for IAT sensor(Also available in stainless steel)
MS3TuneCable USB communications cable for MS3

I will have a better look at a few of the sensors, so the above list may grow or shrink a fair bit.

There will be a break from any further design work, as we’re off to Europe to do a bit of back-packing.