Kit Car 4wd Front Differential

Fitting the front diff has been one of the hardest parts of this build so far.

The Rover V8 is not a huge engine but still finding room has been tricky.

Changing the front timing chain cover has proved very successful. The differential has been angled forward by 5°.

The Rover V8 Serpentine front cover has a internal oil pump and this allows room for the front prop UJ. There is even room for the standard oil filter. I was expecting to need a remote oil filter but with just a small re-shuffle, I am a very happy boy!

The cantilever DRZ400 pull rod and bell crank front suspension fits – IT ALL FITS!☺

The prop-shaft will be a special, made from a thin xr4x4 prop joined to a custom front end and transit central bearing.

So much so, this weekend I’m am going to make some brackets and get the real diff mounted.

I am using a rare Sierra 2.0 4×4 front diff with a 3.91:1 ratio, but I have a couple of spare 3.62:1 for mocking up purposes.

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