Kit Car 4×4

I now have all the pieces cut ready to take to the specialist TIG welding company. It’ll look much better once all the sticky tape is removed!

There was a stage when I was worried that the assembly would be a little weak, yet this mock-up is roughly stuck together with tape and is so totally solid, minor adjustments in the structure are impossible. There is no rattle, squeak or flex even when I resort to the rubber mallet to adjust alignment. If a bit didn’t fit, the only option was the file or start again. It’s light and sits flat and true on the chassis.

It’s not finished, but I’m pretty chuffed 🙂

On Friday it was -9.5°C in the workshop, so progress hasn’t been lightning quick.

Building a 4×4 Kit Car isn’t going to be easy. Building a 4wd sports car is going to be even harder. Modifying the Sierra front differential has been slow; so far; but surprisingly easy. The only hard part has been moving around in a thick coat and gloves.

There are a few more pictures in the gallery.

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