Kit Car Bonnet Height

The height of the bonnet was too high.

So high, it would be hard to see over.

Lowering the height of the bonnet was just an excuse to make the obligatory ‘Brum Brum’ noises.

A replica Lotus 7 nosecone, sat on top of the chassis (McSorley 442 front end dimensions), simply sat up in the air and looked wrong.

I looked into cutting the nosecone up:

  • Slicing it through the middle and making it taller.
  • Cutting a V in the side profile
  • Making a new noise from many pieces

In my head, none of these really worked. When a design has such classic proportions, messing with them just doesn’t seem right.

One problem with keeping the standard profile is that it doesn’t fit over the front of the McSorley 442 chassis. On the original car, parts of the chassis tucked inside the nose. With the McSorley proportions I could not make this work to my satisfaction.

Kit Car Chassis Height

The nose cone simply doesn’t fit and is way too high.

There were other problems. With the cockpit area of this chassis being 4 inches wider than the original, looking down from above the side profile had a big kink in it.

Kit Car Bonnet Top

I like my lines to flow or at least be straight. – This doesn’t satisfy either of those criteria. At one point there is over an inch gap.

Kit Car Chassis - Cutting It Up

Crank up the disc cutter, the chassis is too big!

I’ve dropped the height of the top rail from 381mm to 325mm. I have dimensions that are allegedly of a standard Lotus 7 S2.

Lotus 7 S2

The height of the top rail is 13inches (330.2mm).

With the top chassis rail at 325mm everything seems to work much better. Note the original chassis had a small kick-up at the front and this chassis doesn’t – hence the difference I made in the height of the top rail.

Kit Car Chassis - Standard Super 7 height

The rear of the nose cone has had small cuts made into it to improve the profile from the top. My worries have been solved.

Haynes Roadster Nose Cone

This chassis is now:

  • 100mm longer (~4 inches)
  • 100mm wider (~4 inches)
  • 5mm less tall (-0.2 inch)

Haynes Roadster Bonnet

Way back when I started, the decision was made to make the chassis a 442. eg: 4 inches longer 4 inches wider 2 inches taller Having seen a couple sevenesque Kit Cars with higher bonnet lines the new plan is to make this a 440. - Well sort of. I want the right side profile ...

Plans and Drawings

When the design of this chassis is complete, full plans will be published. However, I started this design with a chassis bought on Fleabay. Complete ’Chassis Plans’ for the McSorley 442 can be downloaded in Acrobat format from : − an excellent resource Courtesy of Jim McSorley Download Adobe ...

Kit Car Tube Chassis

This Haynes Roadster Kit Car Tube Chassis is a 44-0.2 4 inches wider 4 inches longer -0.2 inches less tall The gearbox tunnel hasn't quite ended up as I would have hoped. No doubt it will look better once the front section has been re-added. I think this exercise has proved to ...

Haynes Roadster - Rear Chassis

Now I have a flat table, progress on the chassis has been swift. In fact I surprise even myself. With only 4 hours work, Saturday and 7 hours Sunday the rear of the chassis has totally transformed. Armed with a bunch of tubes I'd cut and filed during the week, the chassis ...

Starting Again - Cutting It Up

It was decided that, although individual measurements often had small errors compared to the drawings, all these minor errors added up to huge errors. There were 27mm differences from one side of the chassis to the other and it had over 30mm of twist. Our goal was to have less ...

Chassis Type

Having quickly established that most pairs of measurements were different, the next task was to check all measurements against those published. In the process, establish exactly what type of chassis I´d purchased. The fact that measurements were different to those published would not be of major concern; as no ...

Chassis Collection

Having debated building a 'super seven' style car for decades, when a chassis came up on ebay with a reserve of only £0.99, temptation and curiosity took hold. The auction finished with only 3 bids at £56.55. Surely this was a bargain??!? A 550mile round trip would answer that. The unfortunate answer ...


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