Kit Car Tube Chassis

This Haynes Roadster Kit Car Tube Chassis is a 440.2

  • 4 inches wider
  • 4 inches longer
  • -0.2 inches less tall

Kit Car Tube Chassis

The gearbox tunnel hasn’t quite ended up as I would have hoped. No doubt it will look better once the front section has been re-added.

I think this exercise has proved to me, why modelling everything in CAD before I commit to steel is good. For some the McSorley 442 works, but for me; with my drive-train; I should have started from scratch. That scrap chassis I bought all them months ago should have been sent straight to the scrap yard in the sky. Not only was it a twisted mess, it was the wrong size.

If I were to start again from scratch I would probably build a 400.

  • 4 inches wider (at the rear)
  • 0 inches longer
  • 0 inches taller

I’m fairly short (5′ 7″) but I can only just touch the passenger footwell bulkhead with my knee straight and my toes pointed. Unless you’re over 6 foot tall, those 4 inches longer are probably a waste.

When I cut the top off this chassis (click here), I also made it possible to move the engine and box backwards 60mm. This gives extra room for the Sierra 4×4 Front Diff (click here).

With the chassis modified, the height between the rear-center of the nose cone to the bottom of the lower chassis rail has also dropped from 536mm to 492mm. Translated this will mean that the Rover V8 engine will stick through the bonnet more than before (click here).