Lotus Elise Fuel Tank Dimensions

The Lotus Elise Fuel Tank is 36 litres / 7.9 gallon and 1070x211x220mm. It is made from steel and has a built in fuel pump making it ideal for injected engines.

I was looking for a cheap, descent sized tank for my Hot Rod. I had a quick look on the auction sites only to see a Lotus Elise Petrol Tank finishing in 3 minutes for £30 (no bids). With postage it came to £47. It was complete with built in fuel pump.

I needed a tank with a return pipe as I am using Megasquirt fuel injection along with CBR600 injector bodies.

It was hard to tell from a small picture before I hit the bid button and with barely any time to do a good surf for dimensions, I took a chance on it being about the right size.

It ended up almost perfect. Standard Lotus Elise Fuel Tank Dimensions are:

  • Length 1070mm
  • Base 220mm
  • Height 210mm – (without inlet tube)

Lotus Elise fuel tank - CAD

Sure it’s not aluminium or foam filled, but for £47 including the pump, a 36 litre (7.9 gallon) rectangular tank doesn’t come much better value.

If you want aluminium or extra capacity, then there are dozens of companies out there offering ‘race’ versions.

Kit Car Petrol Tanks

If you are looking for a fuel tank for a Haynes Roadster, Locost or other Kit Car, you could do worse than a Lotus Elise Petrol Tank.