Massive Brakes

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Granada Front hub and Audi A8 Disc.

This Haynes roadster build will be using 19 inch wheels from an Audi RS6. These share the same 5x112mm stud pattern as the Ford Granada 4×4. I could use the 278mm Ford Scorpio discs but with 150mm of extra space inside the wheel, how big can the brakes be?

A casual glance at any big Audi will tell you, they have some massive brakes. With a Jaguar V6 or V8 and 4wd, this isn’t going to be a stripped out racer. I’m prepared to sacrifice a few Kgs for some massive brakes. I’m probably not going to have ABS, but with huge modern, super sticky tyres, surely big brakes might give an advantage in the right conditions.

The Granada shares the same stud pattern as Mercedes, VW and Audi. Unlike the Granada, modern disc’s are readily available and can be found for under £70 the pair.

Audi A8 front disc’s:

Audi A8 front discs

360 34 31 59.7 112 5off 68 135 15

Mercedes CL55 W220:

Mercedes CL55 W220 Front Disc Brake Dimensions

Ford Scorpio 278mm Vented Disc’s:

Ford Scorpio 278mm Vented Brake Discs

The questions I had were:

  1. Would the Granada hub fit inside the disc?
  2. Would it simply rattle in the breeze?

Question 1: At Ø133.5mm the hub would squeeze inside the disc

(H: Ø135mm)

Granada Front hub

Granada Front Hub

Question 2: At Ø63.25mm the Granada hub normally has 0.25mm clearance between the hole in the centre of a Granada disc (Ø63.5mm).

The Audi disc has a 68mm centre hole. Therefore, a 2.25mm thick spacer ring will need to be made.

The Granada disc has Ø13.9mm holes hole for the studs but the Audi has Ø15mm.

Granada Front hub

Granada Front Hub Dimensions

These disc’s are massive! They are 30mm bigger than the average Locost wheel.

Conclusion :

Without some adaptor rings, Audi / Mercedes brake discs would rattle.