MT75 4×4 Haynes Roadster

I’ve had a trial fitment of the MT75 Ford Cosworth 4×4 gearbox and it was a little tighter than I hoped.

The gear selector mechanism; which will be removed and replaced; fouled the tunnel but this was a known issue.

More importantly, the gearbox’s transfer casing is a little close for my liking. I measured the clearance with a ruler to be 6mm. Upon checking the CAD drawings there is indeed 5.8mm of clearance. I must have been moving things around within the CAD and not have noticed this clearance had tightened up. – DOH!

Haynes Roadster MT75 4x4 Gearbox

The area below the bolt face in the central part of the above picture is a little too close to the chassis rail that is at the bottom of the shot.

So far, that’s my first mistake and with the gearbox mount design I have, it would be virtually impossible for the 2 to touch. A urethane mount would have to compress to 0mm. However the good olé Rover V8 can chuck out quite a bit of torque and anything could happen, especially on that tight country road.

The chassis rail will receive some heated persuasion (blow torch and hammer) to double this clearance. – then I’ll be a happy boy again ☺

This is not the first 4×4 Haynes roadster but I am starting to understand why they are scarce.