New Workshop Required

Hot Rod Wireframe

It’s been a while since I posted.
I knew I would loosing my workshop and with poor health, the car was abandoned.

The old workshop is now empty and my wooden buck has been broken  up. The old cattle pens have been stripped and are scheduled for demolition.Empty old workshop

I asked in Estate agents for lock-up units in the area. The only one I found was only a couple years old and cost nearly £7K per year. That’s what I’m hoping my car will owe me once finished and in paint.

To get the chassis out of the door, every part had to be removed and packed into crates. It’s not until you see a stack of crates with all your tools and car parts in, is it you realise how much junk you have.

…. and how heavy some of it is!
Hot rod wireframe

New Workshop

The good news is, I’ve found a temporary home; until summer next year; to start the bodywork. The bad news is, this building is also scheduled for demolition.
Hot Rod Wireframe


If anyone knows of any workshop space around Dorchester Dorset UK – facebook me
I’ll need enough room to work around 2 cars and electric.



Bodywork Wire Fame Buck
Bodywork Wire Frame Buck
Bodywork Wire Fame Buck
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