Nissan Z32 Side Windows

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Having owned several 1989 – 2000 Nissan Fairlady 300zx Z32’s, I was lying in hospital wondering whether the side windows would be the right shape and size for my latest project.

You’ll have to excuse the crude Photoshop and super-imposition at this stage, but this scaled mock-up shows that they are a distinct possibility.

Despite being a 2 seater, the 300 was actually a very large car. Unfortunately, the T bar roof sections and other glass would be far too wide.

Time to crawl the auction sites….. After all, I can’t be sure it’ll all work OK until I can measure one and get it modeled in 3D. It’s easy to sketch something up freehand in water-colours but transforming the design into reality will either take lots of physical bodywork (which may end in a disaster) or to do it the ‘modern’ way first. Sure, once full-sized and sitting in the garage I’ll have new ideas, but at least I would have ruled out several dead ducks.

Another problem shown in the above shot is the line of site from the driver’s door mirror. The IVA test states vision should not be obstructed by the rear arch. I don’t want the rear-view mirrors to be on hideous stalks, flapping up in the breeze like a kids balloon.