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English Wheel Rubber Band

English Wheel With a Rubber Band

Until I discovered folding metal with the English Wheel covered with a rubber band, skinning the bonnet was taking me ages. I was getting frustrated and even questioning whether I’d…
Bonnet Skin Panel Beating

Making My First Handmade Bonnet

Making my first handmade bonnet hasn’t been easy. Everything has taken much longer than expected. In fact many things have taken numerous attempts. Even now, I look at it and…
Morris Minor Roof

Morris Minor Roof

I've not finished the bonnet but a Morris Minor Roof came up cheap, so I had to have it. This Hot Rod was getting a donor roof.
Bonnet strengthening brace

Homemade-Bonnet Frame MKII

My first attempt at a homemade bonnet frame was a disaster. Although each rib was very strong in one direction, once assembled it was hopeless. It flopped around like well…
Bespoke Bonnet

Bespoke Bonnet

Progress on the bespoke bonnet has started very cautiously. There are several reasons for this. Although I still had the remains of the wooden buck, since it’s completion, I’ve decided…
Slam Panel – panel beating

Grille and Slam Panel

I've started my version of a 1939 Chevy grille shell. This was my first real attempt at hammer and dolly panel beating. Hopefully it will be strong.

Push Rod Suspension

Push Rod suspension doesn't have to be complicated, many kit cars or Haynes Roadsters could have it at virtually no extra cost.

Push Rod Cantilever Suspension

The push rod suspension on the rear of this Haynes Roadster is almost complete. The reduction in un-sprung weight should help handling, but more importantly they look GREAT.

Front Suspension A Arms

Ignoring the hours spent doing the CAD work, plus those making the brackets, the front A-Arm mounts took me 10 hours to get in the right place.
Rover V8 CAD

Rover V8 CAD

The BW35 bellhousing for the Rover V8 hasn’t arrived, so I’ve started drawing up other parts of the engine. This may look like just another rocker box, but in fact…
Jaguar AJ-V8 CAD

Jaguar AJ-V8 CAD

As you may imagine the CAD and measuring process for the Jaguar AJ-V8 has been very slow. Apart from the fact that every dimension seems bigger than my height gauges…
Sierra Front Propshaft

Sierra Front Propshaft

Putting 4x4 into a Haynes roadster is not easy and there are plenty of clearance issues to contend with. Especially when you are using a Duratec v6 or Rover V8.



4×4 Haynes Roadster

I’ve started to mock up the front 4×4 system. In CAD everything looked extremely tight. I spent ages moving components back and forth to get everything to fit. So far,…

Kit Car 4×4

Building a 4x4 Kit Car isn't easy. Building a 4wd sports car from scratch is even harder. Getting the Sierra front differential to fit has been slow but surprisingly simple.
Sierra Cosworth 4×4 Sump Differential

Ford Sierra Front Differential

When you are building a Four Wheel Drive (4x4) Haynes Roadster, the engine will sit a long way behind the front differential. Therefore, there will need to be some pretty…
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