Ron Champion Haynes Roadster

Ron Champion’s book Build your own Sports Car for as little as £250 started the Haynes Roadster revolution.

Build your own sports car for as little as £250

But can the same ethos be applied to other aspects of life?

It’s 15 years since Ron Champion detailed how to build a car on a budget, but with an outlay of less than 1K, I have most of the parts needed to build a very comprehensive Haynes Roadster inspired car.

With this in mind I decided to apply the ‘budget ethos’ to other things that I’m passionate about.

I informed the better half that I would be taking her out for a meal and she may need to dress up.

Everybody has their favourite pub or restaurant, but there are other places which hold a corner of every serious car builders heart.

Scrap Yard

Dressed up in her hard hat and Hi-Vis jacket we wandered leisurely, hand in hand.

With majestic cranes towering over-head, tiny sparks danced through the air like night stars.

Hammers chimed like distant bells, as we gazed across the glorious mounds of inspiration.

Scrap Metal

The purples and blues mingled with the golds and browns like summer meadows. We picked and gathered armfuls as the sun sparkled across our bounty.

With the spoils of our labour safely stowed, we headed off to a Restaurant where everybody knows your name. With my favourite meal laid out before me the total bill was only £9 for the both of us.


Ron Champion; you truly started a revolution. I am totally in your awe.