Rover V8 Inlet Trumpets

Many people modify the length of the Rover V8 Inlet Trumpets within the plenum.

However, until I get my Rover V8 up and running I keep mine as Land Rover intended.

The first job for me was to get it drawn up into CAD. – Basically an excuse not to be hanging more shelves in the workshop.

Rover V8 Plenum Trumpets

Rover V8 Inlet Trumpets CAD

I’ll leave modifying the trumpets until I have modified the plenum chamber. The plenum currently has a side inlet and the intention is to modify it to be similar to the Westfield Seight, with a rear air inlet.  In these shots you can see that I’ve started to strip some of the components, getting them ready for the first stage of powder coating.

Rover V8 Plenum Cleaned

I quite like the combination of black wrinkle effect  and aluminium powder coating on this Westfield Kit Car.

It has a ‘factory built’ look to it. I’ll try to hide a few of the hoses and pipes with cover plates: A little like they do on modern cars with those clip on engine covers. A large U shaped cover plate tailored around the plenum would do wonders for the look of this engine.

Westfield Seight 2