Rover V8 to MT75 Adaptor Plate – part 3

I’ve been having fun converting my Rover V8 to Sierra Cosworth MT75 4×4.

When you find  the correct solution to a problem, sometimes it makes previous efforts look like a waste of effort.

The BW35 Bell-housing from an automatic P5 Rover V8 looks pretty near perfect. The Prop-shaft will still need a UJ (in this application) but everything else looks great.

I’ll still have to cut the MT75 bell-housing off and weld on an adaptor plate. There is also the task of cutting a whole and welding on a clutch cable mount.

I have a bronze (or brass?) central bearing for the rear of the crank shaft, this will need turning out to the same size as the larger Sierra MT75 shaft. Hopefully, I’ll be able to use a Transit clutch (Ford Transit Mk5 1994-2000), the same 9.5″ diameter as the Rover LT77 Clutch and 23 spline to match the Sierra gearbox.

I think you can appreciate I am definitely one step forward.

Rover V8 to MT75 gearbox conversion

Rover V8 to MT75 conversion

Rover V8 BW35 Automatic Gearbox Bellhousing

The whole ethos of the Locost and Haynes Roadster is to make it up as you go along. Hopefully, I’ll have the first V8 Haynes Roadster 4×4 ☺