Rover V8 to MT75 Adaptor Plate – part2

Will the Borg Warner 35 Auto bellhousing mate to the MT75 manual?

Can I cut it up to make a Rover V8 to MT75 adaptor plate?

I was having one of those mental blind-spots. For some reason, because I was trying to mate the Sierra Cosworth MT75 manual gearbox to the Rover V8, my brain just wouldn’t register that there were also automatic gearboxes with removable bellhousings.

Step in the Rover P5B & P6B with the Borg Warner 35 (BW35) automatic. They are getting a little scarce now, but having seen a few Rover to Toyota 5 speed conversions, it doesn’t take a genius to guess which bellhousing they based their molds upon.

Rover V8 Bellhousing BW35 Automatic My plans to use the LT77 Bellhousing fell completely flat. The LT77 had too many lumps and bumps and hung down too low. See my LT77 Bellhousing CAD here

The BW 35 Bellhousing seems made for the job. It has a nice circular aperture at the rear that will make centralising the gearbox output shaft much easier.

It even has a cut-out that should lend itself to the Sierra’s cable clutch. Drawing this will be child’s play compared with the LT77.




Rover V8 Borg Warner 35 P5B and P6B

Chassis update….

I’ve been working all weekend on the chassis, yet when I stand back there seems very little progress. I made 11 brackets and the Sierra Diff is mounted. It’s slow work when you have to measure all of them in 3D from a single datum, although as the diff dropped straight in and all of the holes lined up, it’s been worth it! Can you tell, I’m pretty pleased with myself?

Another 15 brackets and all the rear brackets will be done. When that’s done hopefully things will look a lot different.